Wohnungsbauten Mailand
9-geschossiges Wohnhaus, Mailand
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9-geschossiges Wohnhaus, Mailand

Ingenieure für den Holzbau

Visionary Building with timber

The use of timber as a structural material has a long tradition. We go ahead and develop new solutions in the design of innovative timber structures for highest performances. Whether multi-storey buildings or long-span structures – we construct the building in its entirety out of timber, no matter how large the dimensions or its complexity. We think freely and differently. As a result we create new possibilities in structural timber technology that have never been seen before. Together with our clients, we create what inspires us: groundbreaking architecture.

Holztragwerke.ch AG – Engineering & Innovations

Milestones in innovative timber structures

What was a vision in the past is already reality today. Timber buildings are aiming high. However, we do not only achieve great heights, but also overcome enormous spans with timber structures.

These timber constructions represent the newest state-of-the-art of the timber technology. They have definitively and sustainably changed the way to design and to realize constructions.   




Service building Campra

The new service building with restaurant, hotel and a wellness area on the 3rd floor is being built in the Blenio valley.



Apartment building

Russenweg, Zurich

Five-storey timber buildings with up to 9 apartments are constructed.

Start of construction October 2019

Moving in date Spring 2021


21. November 2019

Foundation ceremony holztragwerke.ch




Legno, profumo di casa


Falò, giovedì, 29.08.2019, 21:05h

Legno, profumo di casa.

Di Michele Galfetti, 45:08 min.

> RSI Falò

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