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Sports hall Oberfeld, Langnau i.E.


Competition 1st place with Gäumann Lüdi von der Ropp architects, Zurich. Concept development of the supporting structure in solid and timber construction, modification measures for the existing building as well as excavation. New sports hall construction built adjacent to the existing old gym. Capacity spectators: stands for 340 people, can be increased up to max. 1000 spectators.

Triple gym (sports halls) with roof construction und walls in timber construction (above terrain) as well as base slab, storage rooms and usable space (below terrain) in concrete construction. Modification of the existing building (old gym) for the implementation of new dressing room. Fire protection retrofitting of the existing building‘s roof in timber construction.



Building owner 

Bauverwaltung Gemeinde Langnau i.E



Gäumann Lüdi von der Ropp Architekten AG, Zürich


  • Concept excavation, supporting structure and modification measures

  • Static calculations, tenders, elaboration of engineering plans and technical construction control

Description A4 (PDF)

Location: Google Maps

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